Stronger data security for Aerospace & Defense

A&D can now rest assured that their emails and files are encrypted end-to-end.

Secure emails and files with strong encryption

Aerospace & Defense companies handle highly sensitive technical data every day that must be protected from competitors, foreign governments and cyber criminals. Traditional encryption methods are typically too specialized or cumbersome for broad deployment, leaving large amounts of corporate intellectual property (IP) available to attackers.  PreVeil secures the sensitive data contained in everyday business communications without any impact on user productivity.


Reduce your cyber attack surface

PreVeil turns the tables on the traditional tactics of cyber attackers.  All files and emails stored on servers are fully end-to-end encrypted so even a successful hack of the server yields nothing.  Individual account access is enabled via a 77-digit private key cryptographically stored on the user device, not a user password that can provide access to attackers around the globe. And no single administrator has direct access to corporate IP.  Instead, administrative Approval Groups must sign-off before any files or emails can be retrieved and viewed  for secure account restoration or events such as eDiscovery.


Open up collaboration with Trusted Communities

The vast majority of intellectual property within an Aerospace & Defense company is stored in standard email and file systems.  That’s exactly why these systems are targeted so frequently by global attackers. By using PreVeil’s Secure Communities, encrypted email and file storage/sharing solutions virtually eliminate phishing attacks and dramatically reduce data exfiltration.

Comply with US regulatory requirements

With national security at stake when breaches occur, Aerospace & Defense companies have no latitude with government compliance requirements regarding cybersecurity. Instead, PreVeil is architected from the ground up with the strictest U.S. Government and military supplier compliance requirements in mind.  Our application is designed to employ the FedRAMP certified AWS GovCloud or existing FedRAMP certified data centers.  FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms are available as well.


Give your users an experience they'll love

If it’s easy to use, people will use it. PreVeil Email integrates transparently into Outlook and other popular email clients, enabling employees to encrypt emails and attachments without disrupting the normal work flow. PreVeil Drive integrates seamlessly into the user’s existing file system.  All email and documents are encrypted end-to-end in a fundamentally more secure manner than traditional encryption in transit and at rest.

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