PreVeil's Approval Group technology can be used to reconstitute private keys. PreVeil never centralizes keys and provides uncompromising end-to-end encryption.

What is an Approval Group?

An Approval Group is a set of PreVeil users who can help you recover your private key in the event that you’ve lost all your phones and computers that have PreVeil installed on them (i.e. you’ve lost all copies of your private key).

A recovery group is a trusted group of contacts that can help you reconstitute your key. None of these people can do so themselves, but together they can help you get what you need.

How Approval Groups Work

You can think of your Approval Group as though you cut your house key into pieces and gave each piece to a neighbor. None of these people can recover your key by themselves, but together they can help you get what you need.

Set up your approval group - PreVeil's end-to-end encryption means that unless your approval group is set, if you lose your devices you can lose access to your account.

It’s very important that you set up an Approval Group so that you’ll be able to recover your private key if you lose all your devices.

A recovery group can reconstitute your key and give you access to your account, even if you lose your devices.

Managing Your Approval Group

You decide how many people you want in your Approval Group, and you also decide how many must agree before your private key can be recovered. For example, you can create a recovery group made up of five friends or colleagues, specifying that any three of them have to agree in order for your private key to be recovered.

Setting Up Your Approval Group

To set up a Approval Group, select “Approval Group” under Settings in the PreVeil browser or mobile app.

Set up your approval group so that you can confidently use PreVeil's uncompromising end-to-end encryption applications.