Secure Email & File Sharing for Biotech and Pharma

Radically better security for everyday use


Across the biotech and pharma industry, traditional encryption solutions have proven too cumbersome for broad deployment.  Even when encryption is deployed (typically to comply with FDA requirements), employees take shortcuts to maintain productivity, leaving large amounts of sensitive data open to attack.


With PreVeil, your entire organization can benefit from the best-in-class security of seamless end-to-end encryption for email and documents, virtually eliminating the risk associated with password phishing attacks, administrator compromise and server breaches without any impact on productivity.

Trusted Communities™ enable employees to collaborate securely


Trusted Communities™ provide biotech and pharma companies with an extremely secure channel that is immune to phishing, spoofing, and Business Email Compromise.


This secure channel can be restricted to internal employees  or selectively extended to external collaborators and supply chain partners of your choosing.


In minutes, IT Admins can configure whitelisting and effectively insulate executives, scientists, deal teams, and other employees from external phishing and spoofing attacks.


Dramatically reduce your cyber attack surface


PreVeil turns the tables on the traditional tactics of cyber attackers.  All files and emails stored on servers are fully end-to-end encrypted so even a successful hack of the server yields nothing.


Individual account access is via a 77-digit private key cryptographically stored on the user device, not a user password that can provide access to attackers around the globe. And no single administrator has direct access to corporate IP.


Instead, administrative Approval Groups must sign-off before any files or emails can be retrieved and viewed  for secure account restoration or events such as eDiscovery.


Compliance: Fully auditable with ability to roll back changes


Consistent with FDA compliance requirements, PreVeil cryptographically prevents unauthorized modification of logs by ensuring unauthorized users cannot modify shared records without being granted permission by the file owner. All changes to file or email stored in PreVeil are cryptographically logged, time stamped, and auditable by administrators and regulators.

All emails, file modifications, and other actions within PreVeil are also digitally signed. Finally, PreVeil enables companies to recover and roll back to prior versions of a file, in the event an incorrect or unauthorized change was made.

Combined with a seamless user experience


If it’s easy to use, people use it.


With PreVeil, all encryption management is handled transparently by the application – invisible to the user community and without oversight from IT administrators.


PreVeil Email uses existing email addresses and meshes transparently with Outlook and other popular email clients. PreVeil Drive integrates seamlessly into common computer file systems. All encrypted email and documents are synchronized for use desktop and mobile devices.

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