PreVeil Drive

PreVeil Drive encrypts your files and lets you store, share, and access them anywhere.

end-to-end drive encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Cloud storage services from Google, Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox use an old security paradigm that has fundamental vulnerabilities. Their security architecture allows them to read your information and so can anyone who hacks them. PreVeil uses an advanced security paradigm, end-to-end encryption, which means that nobody else – not even PreVeil – can read your files.

files encrypted and stored in the cloud

Store Your Files Safely

Any files or folders that you store on PreVeil Drive are automatically encrypted and stored in the cloud. There is no added workflow for you to perform.

Access your encrypted drive anywhere

Access Your Encrypted Files Anywhere

All your files are available at any time on any of your computers, smartphones, or tablets. Any changes you make to your files are automatically synced to all your devices.

Share Files and Folders

Share Files and Folders

Easily invite others to view or edit your encrypted files

Advanced sharing permissions using encrypted data rooms

Advanced Sharing Permissions

PreVeil Drive allows you to easily set up encrypted data rooms and procurement portals where you can track activity but participants cannot see each other.

Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder integration

No Learning Curve

PreVeil Drive automatically integrates with Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder so you can be productive in minutes.

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