PreVeil Email Service

PreVeil Email allows you to send end-to-end encrypted email messages to other PreVeil users. Your messages and attachments are encrypted directly on your device and are only decrypted on the recipient’s device so only you and your recipient can read them.

How It Works

install PreVeil secure email

Install PreVeil

PreVeil encryption occurs via software downloaded to PCs/Macs and in the PreVeil app for iPhone and iPad.

Use PreVeil's end-to-end encryption with any existing email address as your PreVeil ID.

Choose Your Identity

Just as some apps use a person’s phone number to identify each user, PreVeil uses your current email address to provide you with a secure email address. That can be your personal email address (like Gmail) or your work email address.

Access Your Secure Email

After installing the PreVeil software, you can access your secure email in the following ways:

Apple and Windows computers

On a computer using your web browser and going to

Works on Apple Mail or Outlook

On a computer using a mail application like Outlook or Apple Mail

Mobile phones and tablets

On a mobile device by simply using the PreVeil App

Using Secure Mailboxes

When you use Outlook or Apple Mail, PreVeil adds a new INBOX for your encrypted messages. You can continue to use the mailboxes that were already in your mail program just as you always do, but those messages aren’t encrypted. When you send and receive from the PreVeil mailboxes, the emails are secure.

Secure email and mailboxes
secure email storage

Where Your Emails Are Stored

Your encrypted emails are stored on PreVeil’s servers—not on the servers owned by your personal or work email provider. Unlike other email systems, PreVeil is designed to protect your information even if its servers are compromised.

Emailing Someone Who’s Not a PreVeil User

If you send a message to people who are not PreVeil members, they’ll automatically be invited to join for free. Alternatively, you can encourage them to sign up for PreVeil by visiting or downloading from the Apple App Store.

Free secure email invitation

See how easy it is to use PreVeil email

PreVeil makes a real difference for the enterprise because it makes encryption easy to use. Admins can easily deploy and manage the platform while employees can easily exchange emails and files.