PreVeil Security

The email and file sharing solutions you use today leave your organization fundamentally vulnerable. PreVeil’s security architecture keeps emails & files protected and private even when user passwords are stolen, admin accounts are compromised, servers are breached.

Password Breaches

Passwords are a headache for users and create a significant security risk – they can be phished, guessed, or stolen from other online cloud services. Compromised passwords can be used to remotely login and access user emails and files from anywhere in the world.

No PW - Secret keys instead

PreVeil users don’t need to remember or manage passwords. Access to accounts is protected with encryption keys that are only stored on user devices. Unlike passwords, these keys can’t be guessed or stolen from PreVeil servers. Even when user passwords are stolen, their account can only be accessed from devices that have their key.

Privileged Admin Breaches

Hijacked or rogue administrator accounts represent a huge threat because they have broad privileges to access an enterprise’s information. A single compromised administrator can give attackers access to an entire organization’s email and file servers.

Approval Groups ™

PreVeil’s Approval Groups™ cryptographically distribute trust across a predetermined set of admins, so that no single person can compromise the entire enterprise. IT can still gain full access to corporate data (eDiscovery, Archiving, etc), but these activities are enabled only after receiving cryptographic authorization from a critical mass of authorized administrators.

Devastating Server Attacks

Microsoft O365, Google, Box, and Dropbox (as well as similar on-prem solutions) rely upon servers that have full access to your data. Even with encryption in transit and at rest,  attackers who succeed in breaching these servers can decrypt and read your entire organization’s emails and files.

End-to-end Encryption

Your information is protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no server anywhere in the world has the keys to decrypt and read your data. Even in the event of a server breach, attackers only get away with encrypted gibberish. Your organization’s emails and files remain protected.