Professional Service firms need better email security

Finally, a secure email solution consultants will actually use. 

Why professional service firms use PreVeil

Whether you’re a 30-person boutique consulting shop or 10,000+ person firm, your firm’s emails and digital file servers represent a high value target to cyber criminals. And despite your team’s best efforts, most experts agree it is not a question of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’, attackers will find a way into your network. To survive in this context, consulting firms need better protection for the sensitive client files and emails they’re entrusted with.


Trusted Communities™ protect internal teams from phishing / spoofing

PreVeil’s Trusted Communities™ provide a secure channel that is immune to phishing / spoofing and keeps employee’s sensitive internal emails safe from attackers.


Externally, (for no additional charge) you can make PreVeil available to security-conscious clients – providing them with an easy-to-use, extremely secure universe for emailing and collaborating on sensitive documents.

End-to-end encryption added to consultants' existing email

PreVeil Email integrates seamlessly into consultants’ existing Outlook interface, enabling consultants to encrypt emails and attachments without disrupting their work flow. Designated messages are encrypted on their device and are only ever decrypted on the devices of desired recipients . This is fundamentally different from traditional encryption in transit and at rest. PreVeil Email is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


enterprise file sharing

End-to-end encrypted file sync & share

PreVeil Drive integrates seamlessly into File Explorer and Mac Finder. With a simple drag-and-drop, files are encrypted and synced across all your designated devices, and can be securely shared with team members and clients. Other file sharing services such as Box, OneDrive, and DropBox are fundamentally vulnerable. PreVeil leverages a radically better security paradigm that prevents attackers from reading your files even in the event of a major breach.

end-to-end drive encryption

Encrypted end-to-end, hosted in the cloud

PreVeil ensures that sensitive firm and client data is stored securely in the cloud. Even if the cloud is breached, attackers cannot read the data because the data is encrypted and decrypted solely on a user’s device. The information stored in the cloud is always encrypted and the server can never see plain text data.


Protection so easy to use that your people and your clients will actually use it


Give your users an experience they’ll love. PreVeil Email integrates transparently into Outlook and other popular email clients, enabling employees to encrypt emails and attachments without disrupting the normal work flow. PreVeil Drive integrates seamlessly into File Explorer and Mac Finder.  iOS and Android mobile devices are also supported.

Stay compliant, without sacrificing security

PreVeil supports common compliance requirements such as document retention, audit-able logs, and e-discovery capabilities.  All changes to emails or files in PreVeil are cryptographically logged, time stamped, and auditable by administrators and regulators.


All emails, file modifications, and other actions within PreVeil are also digitally signed. Finally, PreVeil enables companies to recover and roll back to prior versions of a file, in the event an incorrect or unauthorized change was made.

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